Over the years I have accumulated many letters and emails from happy clients thanking me for my work. I decided this would be a good thing for prospective clients to know up front, even though in the initial meeting I provide several websites as examples. Bear with me though, I must search these out in my records. This page will be updated as I find them.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to send a note to say Thank you for such a fine job building & hosting the website for my company, all these years, you have gone above and beyond satisfying our needs, when I wanted to add something you did that right away and if you thought we needed to add something you always let me know and took good care of the website for my business, at an affordable price, that never went up, and I believe we have been doing business together for over 10yrs.

I cannot say that about anyone else I have done business with.

As I have gone out of business now, due to health reasons, I wish for you a wonderful holiday season coming up and great prosperity in the future.

Thank you so very much,



You really helped us out of a bind finding that email virus on our computers. Please add a little extra charge to our next billing.