Website 101

Many clients seek my services usually because they have very little knowledge about the Internet, have no desire to spend time learning and that is why I perform these services. However, there are many misconceptions people have that makes them vulnerable to scam artists whose only goal is to collect your money quickly, and they will likely be out of business just as quickly as they showed up. So allow me to offer some expertise to help you make wiser choices.

know what your website intends to accomplish
Business owners need to have a good idea of their business model, who their market is, and why they are different from their competitors. These are important foundations in order to create an effective website as well. But ALSO important is to know what you intend to have the website do for you. We need to sit down together in order to discuss these things before I can create the website you desire.

Please don't have unrealistic expectations from your website. Scam artists will take advantage of those who have such unrealistic expectations. For more complete information, read more here about these scam artists. Business owners should look carefully at the number of competitors, and what they are doing.

know what your website intends to accomplish checklist